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to the wisdom, freedom, and joy of the Soul

I have more than twenty years of experience in supporting deep and lasting processes of change and healing in my clients. I have worked with most forms of challenges and issues, so I can likely help you move in the direction you desire. If you're unsure whether we're the right match, you're always welcome to contact me by phone before booking your session.

You can book a session online or in Gentofte, Copenhagen.

I offer


A psychotherapeutic process is both healing, transformative, and insightful. I would recommend a course if you experience challenges in relationships with others, if you feel mentally or emotionally out of balance, if you desire more self-awareness, or if you wish to change ineffective or dysfunctional patterns, behaviors, or beliefs.

Spirituel mentoring and counseling

For those who have likely already undergone various personal development processes and who now experience an opening to more spiritual or non-dual levels of consciousness.

The path of the soul can sometimes feel lonely, difficult, heavy, directionless, overwhelming, and confusing, and with me, you can be mirrored and met with what is unfolding, which often involves repressed material and old traumas.

Healing, breathwork & Energytransformation

Healing can assist you in restoring your energy system if you have been under pressure for a shorter or longer period of time. This could be due to physical illness, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, or abuse. Healing and the more comprehensive Energy Transformation aim to restore balance, so that your entirely automatic and natural healing process is supported. I often combine healing with breathwork therapy.

Space for the Soul & Meditation

If you are on a spiritual journey towards greater awareness and connection, you may benefit from meeting in a space of silence. Here, there is very little conversation, and instead, a pure encounter in presence and grounding with what is and what arises.

Here, you can also receive support in your meditation practice, where together we can enter the sacred space.


"Jane is a big soul in a small body. Powerful, spacious, assertive, and loving in all her being. She is one of a kind."

Käte Hansen.

"Jane is amazing! She is a wonderful role model, a strong communicator who manages to make the inexplicable understandable. Her magnetism is unique because she simultaneously represents something truly magical while also being completely down-to-earth."

Woman in her early 50s

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