Movement, consciousness,

and development within a supportive community 

Whether you're introverted or extroverted, whether you love being social or prefer your own company, it's important to share your process with others. To have company. To be recognized, met, and mirrored. But also to have your shadows, projections, and other suppressed material brought into the light.

It's crucial for me to create the most optimal conditions for a safe and supportive community, where there is both space and a caring environment.

Retreats and more

Retreat with healing, presence, and consciousness

Strandgaarden på Helgenæs 2nd-6th May and/or 18th-22nd September
At this retreat, we use healing, dynamic meditations, ceremonies, connection to the elements of nature, breathwork therapy, energy work, inquiry, and movement to release and transform old, stagnant, and blocking energy.

You will learn to heal and balance your own energy system, and you can join the retreat as part of a training program as a Regenerative Akasha Healer.

Regenerative Akasha Healer

Take a Regenerative Akasha Healing training so you learn not only to heal and balance your own energy system but also to assist others.

The training consists of a series of retreats combined with a basic and advanced training in coaching or another field (such as psychotherapy). This gives you a solid foundation for working deeply with other people's processes while also fostering your own personal development, allowing you to stand firmly in yourself.


"Jane is the real deal. Present, grounded, clear, deep, light, authentic (for me, this means that as a teacher, she doesn't need anything from her participants... not seeking acknowledgment, praise, tears, special breakthroughs, or anything else). Authenticity is the ability to stand in what is. As it is.

One can only take students as far and as deep as one has been willing to go oneself. And Jane has clearly walked her talk. It's palpable. And that's what creates the safe space one surrenders to. Thank you."  

Pernille Melsted

"The retreat touches your soul. You will never be the same again. I find it hard to imagine that personal and spiritual development could be better attained."

Tove Knudsen.