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What do you need?

I am passionate about supporting people in finding their way home to themselves.

To establish connection between the mind, body, heart, and soul.

Here is your opportunity to let go of all the preconceptions of who you thought you were or who you thought you should be. Here, you can just be. You. Discovering how much more you truly are.

I have been guiding others through deep healing and transformational processes since 2008, and I can likely help you find more inner peace, joy, and balance if you identify with one or more of these points:
Challenges in your relationships
Spiritual awakenings and/or imbalances
Lack of connection to yourself
Identity challenges

and more...

This is how I can help you


Psychotherapy is a shorter or longer process where we delve into the challenges that stand in your way on a personal level. Relational difficulties, traumas, anxiety, loneliness, stress, etc. I always focus on the whole, so in addition to conversation, we will incorporate body awareness and deeper sensing of the emotional and spiritual aspects.

Healing & Breathwork

Healing is for you who need more than therapeutic work to move forward and release or transform their blockages. In a healing session, conversation is complemented by powerful energetic tools that work on deep layers of consciousness in both body and mind. It's important to note that healing, like other forms of treatment, is not a quick fix but rather a support for the process you are undergoing. Often combined with breathwork.

Spirituel mentoring

Spiritual mentoring is for you who sense a deeper calling. For those who may have gone all the way through inner work and/or achieved success on external levels, only to discover that it wasn't really what it was all about. And for those who have had one or more awakenings and who need support, guidance, and remembrance in the process.

Soul Space


Soul Space is for those who, for a while, need to transcend the verbal and instead enter into presence, clearer consciousness, and pure beingness. In the soul space, we sit together predominantly in silence and encounter whatever arises and moves the energy. Soul Space can also be for those who need support in their meditation practice. In that case, we will meditate together and address the challenges or blockages you experience either beforehand or along the way.

Retreat with healing,

precence & consciousness

At this retreat, you will have the opportunity to release and transform old, stagnant, and blocking energy. We will focus on bringing healing, release, more presence, and clearer consciousness, allowing you to achieve greater balance and move away from the mind and into the body. This will give you renewed energy, more resources, increased contact with your intuition, and open up the connection to more spiritual aspects. In short - there will be more space for you and your true essence.

Join us on the next retreat at Strandgaarden on Helgenæs.
May 2nd-6th or September 18th-22nd

Five days surrounded by some of Denmark's most beautiful nature, with dynamic meditations, energy work, healing, breathwork therapy, ceremonies, release processes in a safe and supportive group.

I support you in becoming more whole

You are much more than you think you are

You are never ever really divided from anything

"I have experience with Jane both as a therapist in personal sessions and as a teacher in course settings. The primary quality I feel is consistent in everything she does is: presence. Jane is incredibly present on a personal level with her smiling and welcoming personality, but also on a higher, more spiritual level where her intuitive approach constantly brings presence to each individual's process as well as the group as a whole. This makes you feel incredibly seen, met, and safe when she lovingly guides you to the edge of what you thought was possible. Jane is incredibly wise in both personal and spiritual development, yet she also creates a very real and balanced relationship with her students/clients. This includes being extremely skilled at translating the abstract and ethereal into very concrete and down-to-earth things, which allows for a true anchoring of her teaching/therapy and the ability to carry it back into everyday life. In short, I would recommend Jane to anyone who wants to feel more whole, more in touch with their heart and higher self, anyone seeking deep transformation, and anyone who wants to be part of the beautiful, present, and loving spaces that Jane creates in group settings."

Woman in her mid-20s

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